Our Company Values

Empowering the Change.

We know it is hard turning vegan. It is even harder without the delicious snack and desserts!! With a serious lack of options years ago, Apron Empowered was born to satisfy the sweet cravings and to empower others to make the switch to a more ethical, healthier and conscious lifestyle.

A Little Of Our Story

Dedicated to Veganism

A Vegan diet is not only better for the body - helping you feel lighter and more energetic, but also kinder to the environment and the animals we share this world with. We share your passion of living more consciously and ensure no animals are harmed to satisfy our taste buds.

It is the right way to live and we are with you! We are here to make the switch easier, tastier and healthier!

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We offer a wide range of yummy products to suit your Vegan lifestyle

Roasted & Caramelized Nuts

Choose from a wide range of caramelized and savoury nuts to meet your tastes!

Vegan Cakes

Handmade vegan cheesecakes for all occasions! Grab a slice or two, or an entire cake!

Vegan Truffles

Choose from a variety of raw and chocolate truffles!

Vegan Popcorn

Fancy some caramel popcorn to enjoy at movies? Look no further!